San Antonio celebrates its biggest fiesta ever

San Antonio celebrates its biggest fiesta ever

New Orleans may have Mardi Gras, and Boston has St. Patrick’s Day, but San Antonio has Fiesta.

Up close and personal at central Texas' annual week-long party.

If you want to see what San Antonio is all about, book your trip during Fiesta.  Lucus Newman

Hemisfair Park: Built around the famous Tower of the Americas, this is the place to be on Fiesta's opening night.  Lucus Newman

For the adventurous, neon-lit carriage rides are one way to see celebrations across downtown San Antonio.  Lucus Newman

South Alamo Street: Usually a busy avenue, during Fiesta it's transformed into a concert venue.  Lucus Newman

San Antonio's downtown is a vibrant blend of Spanish Colonial and 20th century architecture and art.  Lucus Newman

"La Antorcha de la Amistad" - Spanish for "The Torch of Friendship," this monumental art piece by Mexican sculptor Sebastián is one of San Antonio's landmarks.  Lucus Newman

After the main festivities are over, partygoers flock to the many open-air bars and restaurants downtown.  Lucus Newman

The countdown to next year's Fiesta has already begun.  Lucus Newman

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